Joining the National Guard

Hello Everyone! So sorry for disappearing but I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as well as their new year! I did absolutely nothing but hangout with my wonderful boyfriend ,and that’s good enough for me. We had tons of fun running down Walgreens to pick up some Netflix snacks. Overall we both a great night. Anyway….the point of this story is to tell you about the recent decision I made to enlist in the National Guard. I know it’s a huge commitment!

Why I did it?

Growing up no one in my family was enlisted in any military branch because all my relatives had been born in Mexico. Although, my dad almost did, but he later moved to the U.S thus never enrolling into the Mexican Air Force. My dad has always liked the military because of the many benefits they provide and encouraged me to be open to the idea of joining the military to help pay for college.

I never joined any ROTC program either because it didn’t seem like me, nor was it something that interested me, however; I did have a friend who had joined during high school and she spoke very highly of the Guard.

After my first semester of College, well during finals week to be exact, I began to worry of how I would pay for college since my parents were struggling a little. I started thinking about the National Guard since I knew that was Kaylee’s way of attending college at no cost. I called her up to talk to her about it and after getting more insight of the amazing benefits they offered as well as installing more confidence and leadership, I decided to talk to a recruiter. I went to the national Guard website and searched for my local recruiter then called him to make an appointment.

My recruiter was super nice and easy to talk to; he answered all my questions as well as gave me insight to the Guard lifestyle. After talking to my recruiter I was convinced The National Guard was something  I wanted to do. Mainly to help pay for college but also to be a part of a team that makes a difference and has an impact on people.

After Enlisting

My enlistment Process literally took 2 weeks. It was incredibly easy thanks the wonderful recruiter I had, and will be shipping off soon. I did have to take my spring semester off , but I’m okay with that because school burns you out after a while, and this will be my break I guess.

Leaving my boyfriend will not be easy at all, it will break me and I’ll feel like a piece of me is missing until I return. I am beyond lucky and blessed to have such a caring, loving, amazing guy willing to wait for me to come home. We will be writing letters to each other of course, but this will honestly be the hardest thing we’ve had to do in our relationship so far.


Anyways, this is for today! Thank you all for visiting!




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