An Unexpected Hello

Hello lovelies! I know it has been FOREVER since I last posted, and I apologize but I’m sure ya’ll know how life works. Anyway let’s get to the story….

As many of ya’ll know, I have been dealing with a breakup. My ex-boyfriend, Drew, and I dated for 3 and a half years before deciding it was time we separate. Although it was mutual decision, it was hard having to say goodbye to the person who had been my best friend for the past 3 years. At first I thought I was okay, and I was okay. I felt relived, exited and free, but at night I wasn’t okay because I had time to remember all the wonderful memories Drew had given me. I would lay in bed, cuddle with the teddy bear my ex gave me and cry. I would cry because I could no longer call my best friend and tell him how my day went or just talk about random things because I was bored. I could no longer pick up my phone to call him because I was afraid he had already forgotten about me.

In the morning I would wake up and realize that although I did miss Drew, it was better for the both of us to be apart. I just really missed the memories and the feelings and everything else that came in the almost 4 years of dating. It’s hard letting go of the person who stood by you no matter what, the person who answered your every phone call, the person who always reassured you, the person who made you laugh, the person who made you feel loved, and the person who gave you so much to remember.  To be honest, I didn’t think I would meet anyone who would make me as happy as Drew did, and that was when Justin walked into my life.

My first impression of Justin was that he was cute. He was VERY cute. I of course flirted with him because that’s all I thought. He was cute. But as days went by I realized I started getting butterflies every time I saw him. I wouldn’t just smile that stupid, random smile; no, I would get this nervous feeling, and butterflies began to overtake my stomach. I would stare at my phone wondering when he would reply to me. I would try to impress him. I would literally dress to impress. He was frustrating though because he wouldn’t  talk to me as much and I thought he liked this other girl, who I was actually just a little bit jealous of; however, Justin surprised me by asking for my number, and I’m not going to lie, but I felt a little bit proud.

After a  few days of texting back and forth, wondering whether he liked me or not, Justin finally asked me out on a date. I remember being ridiculously exited and nervous. I was a literal nerve wreck, pacing around my room, throwing clothes everywhere, asking my best friend what I should wear to this date. We were just going to the movies, so why was I panicking? I really wanted him to like me. I really wanted to impress him. I really liked him.

As soon as I saw Justin waiting for me outside the AMC theater, I got extremely nervous because he look SO damn good! I got butterflies again. I was ridiculous over joyed to see him and to spend time with him. We walked in to watch Don’t Breathe -(I do not recommend wasting your money to go see it. It was only an hour long and they could have done so much better. It was a good movie, not great, not worth $22, but good. Wait for it to  come out on Redbox.). During the movie I kept waiting for Justin to make a move and put his arm around me but he didn’t, at least not during the first half anyway. I was beginning to think we would walk out without any type of physical contact, but finally he put his hand on my knee then held my hand and moved his arm closer to me so that I could rest my head on his shoulder. Gosh I was so happy!

After walking out of the theater, holding hands, Justin invited me for Starbucks and all we did afterwards was walk around the avenues then sit down at a table under the Christmas light and talk. It was lovely really. We had a great time, we laughed, we held hands, and he told me he liked me. It was a pretty great first date.  I wish I could go back to that night.


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