Working on a Project – My life.

From the moment we enter high school, grades suddenly become more important because they will determine what college we will attend, which will then determine our future for the rest of our lives. Crazy isn’t it? We all have some type of plan for our lives. I always had good grades throughout my life, I graduated from high school with honors, got into a good college where I am currently majoring to  be a nurse, but I have a different plan for my life that does not involve the medical field.

I have always loved shopping. I’m addicted. I’m that shopaholic you can’t trust with money, and am always broke because you know….clothes, and shoes, and purses. Life’s little guilty pleasures. Well my friends, I was on instagram one day scrolling through my feed and of course I follow a bunch of boutiques right? I started thinking, “How cool would it be to own my own boutique?” and that thought took me to google where I began my quest to opening my own boutique. I didn’t think that it was possible for a person like me to open up her own store, but after days of research and partnering up with a friend, we are on our path to opening an online store.

Now, I’m new to this whole business legal stuff, so I’m learning on the way as I strive to achieve my dream. I hope you all have dreams that you are currently following, and yes you can do it. If I can attend college and open up a store with only $100 at the moment, then you can achieve your dream. My family isn’t rich, we’re middle class immigrants from Mexico, at least my parents are. I want to do something with my life, and I have many great things planned out for myself that I WILL achieve, I just have to have the motivation. That’s really all you need, motivation and dedication.

I will make sure to keep ya’ll updated on my boutique progress and have more stories ready:)





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