Congratulations! You’re almost done with Highschool and will be entering the “real” world within a year! You must be exited, overjoyed, nervous and maybe even a little sad to be leaving everything you’ve ever known behind. It’s okay, you know you’ll have way more fun in college! Here’s what you should do before your senior year and during your senior year to prepare for college. You don’t even know how stressed I was most of my senior year and how many nights I cried myself to sleep…so let me help you out…..


I cannot stress this enough! Take it at the beginning, middle, and end of your junior year! Take again over the summer! Then take it again the very beginning of senior year! Trust me you don’t know what score you will get and that’s what can make or break your admission decision. Take it as many times as you possible can and make sure to study because winging it will KILL YOU!
Please, please, please, do your research! Look at all the colleges you want to go to or that you are interested in and see what they require. Get a journal and for each school you think you want to apply to, list all the things you need to apply, such as transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Trust me! you will be glad you did this! I remember not being able to keep up with schools because I wasn’t organized about it and didn’t remember what I had already sent in or what I was missing.
Make a list of colleges you’re interested in and go see them!! Trust me! This will help you make your decision so much easier! It will give you a feel for the campus, the town and the people. If you get a good vibe then great! If the campus turned out to be stuck in the middle ages then maybe it won’t be your first choice. Touring colleges and speaking to students and faculty can make your decision for choosing a school so much easier! I only toured one college. I thought I would like the school, thought it would be a perfect match with me, however; the campus turned out to be a place I didn’t want to stay at for longer than a day.
This is the most important and stressful part of the college start up journey. Do this super early, you want to start applying as soon as senior year begins!! Like I’ve said before, list down the colleges you plan to apply to and the stuff you need to send them such as transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation and so on. This will make life easy and save you from drowning in your own tears at 1 in the morning. TRUST ME! seriously trust me! You WANT to be organized. Lists are literally lifesavers and keep you on track of everything you need to get done. Applying was the most stressful thing for me the fist semester of high school because I was so unorganized; I didn’t remember what scores or transcripts I had sent. It was pretty messy, but hey, at least I got through it and so will you! Just remember, list everything out and once you get something sent in cross it off the list so you can keep track of your progress.
Almost every single college will ask for a letter of recommendation and omg I worried about these all the time! seriously I did! I hated half my teachers, and I swear one of them thought I was stupid and didn’t care about school. Really I didn’t care about his AP Bio class because I hated the man with a burning passion and wanted to set his classroom on fire and watch it burn. Anyway, letters of recommendation; you want to ask as many teachers and even counselors at least 2 weeks in advance for a letter of rec. These take time to write and trust me, teachers need time. Don’t be afraid to ask a teacher for a letter more than once, I had one teacher write me 3 letters but she adored me! Look for the teachers who love you and know you pretty well but also ask teachers who you are just kind of okay with. The point is you need MANY letter of rec. and you need to think of which teachers you’re going to ask before you apply.
You are done applying to college! Now you wait for your acceptance letter! I really hope this helps because I Know how stressful and frustrating this process can be. You have no idea how many nights I cried and just sat on my bed trying to keep myself together. I don’t want you to have to go through that, I want you to enjoy your senior year and make the most of it.

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