My First Day of College

The first day of school is always exiting no matter what. You’re reunited with you friends, you try to figure out who’s in your class and you may even make new friends. My first day of college was not only exiting, it was also nerve wrecking.

I remember pulling into the parking lot staring at the building that I had to walk into for my first class. There were so many people I didn’t know. So many pretty girls wearing only T-shirts and shorts, and cute guys who kept looking down at their phones. My hands were shaking, my legs were shaking, my entire body was shaking from how nervous I was. I could barley hold onto my phone to text my best friend and tell her how nervous but exited I was. I asked her how I should socialize because I felt awkward. Looking at everyone else I felt like I might not fit in. Breathing some courage into myself, I grabbed my stuff, got out of my car and walked into the building over flooding with students.

Talking to new people can be terrifying, but in college nobody really knows eachother and everyone wants to make friends, so I asked a few people if they could help me find my classes. Everyone was friendly.

I walked into my first class which was anatomy and introduced my self to the people sitting next to me. They were kind and seemed to have liked the fact that I introduced myself because guess what? Were all friends now! It’s really not too hard to make friends in college, you just have to out yourself out there. I know, I know, that can be hard for some of us. It was was hard for me but I managed and survived the first few kind of awkward seconds, but in the end it’s worth it.

My professors were great. I loved them! Well I only have four and met two of them on the first day, but they seemed like great teachers who really cared about their students and took the time to properly teach everything. Not only were my professors amazing people, they did not require students to buy textbooks. Well all expect one, but still, that’s a huge money saver. I still haven’t bought any of my books, not even the one that’s required.

Overall my first day was great! Fun actually! I met a few new people, had great teachers (none who had assigned any homework…yet), and my classes seemed easy…for now. The nerves slowly faded throughout the day and eventually the realization that college was going to be one hell of a fun roller coaster ride settled in.

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