02.18.19First, before you do anything, take a deep breathe! Breathe! Now that you have taken in a really deep breathe, go on YouTube, and I know this will sound absolutely crazy, and maybe a little lame, but look up yoga for beginners and give it a try! Seriously, you’d be surprised by how helpful it really is. That’s what I did, and here’s some more:

  • Try to keep a journal, if writing is not your thing then right now take some pen and paper (NOT YOUR PHONE) and write down three things that you are grateful for. Try to do this every night. Just give it a try
  • Go hiking! With friends or by yourself, GO HIKE! I read somewhere that hiking reduces depression or something like that, and it actually kind of works because it’s very calming.
  • Go run! At the park though! Try to do everything outdoors, it’s a lot better, because you can breathe! Just trust me on doing everything outdoors okay.
  • This one is obvious….DRINK WATER! Or tea. I did both. Only water or tea okay! It’s healthier and more refreshing! Okay I may have drank more sweet tea but still! Learn from me okay!
  • If you are always busy, or have a lot going on, get a planner and organize yourself every week! I liked to do this on Friday nights. I would clean all my binders, organize through all my classes and put everything in a planner. This allowed me to feel less cluttered, more in control (even though I wasn’t, but its the feeling that counts!), and take it a day at a time. That’s truly the key. Take it one day at a time.
  • Make plans with friends. Whether it’s something as simple as breakfast or as exiting as going to six flags, make sure to surround yourself with people! This will remind you to have some fun, and that you do have people to talk to.
  • Get involved with the church! This truly saved me! I would attend teen night life’s where every Sunday night we did different activities and talked about different topics. It was inspiring and helpful hearing the stuff they had to say, but it was better being reassured that even though nobody knew what I felt, and I kind of doubted my faith…there was ALWAYS someone who heard me, understood me, cared for me, loved me, and that someone was God.
  • Wake up, play some pumped up music (I listen to Fetty Wap and Drake on Spotify), tell yourself “Today is a new day and it WILL be a good day.” Smile at yourself in the mirror (I know it may be hard, but seriously, smile at yourself in the mirror. Show off that beautiful smile!). Drink some good ass coffee or water! Afterwards, take a deep breathe, and smile again, because guess what? You remembered to breathe! And you smiled!
  • Compliment other people! I feel like being nice to others makes you feel better about yourself, so compliment others! Everybody likes nice people, they’re more attractive!
  • Go on vacation! I know not everyone can afford this, but honestly this is probably what truly helped me besides church and everything else. Going on vacation is like detoxing! I somehow managed to convince my dad to take a family weekend getaway at Daytona Beach, Florida. It was both my parents, my 8 year old sister, my uncle, my cousin Andrea, my aunt, and my other cousin Elvis. Best weekend ever!! So refreshing! So relaxing! Plus we made some new friends!  Also left for Mexico City! So yeah! Traveling is detoxing!


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