What No One Tells You about Senior Year


You’re finally ruling the school! You are a senior now and feel as if you’ve got the world at your hands but at the same time feel like life is suffocating you. It’s okay, I’m right there with you. This is your time though to enjoy your last year in high school, possibly even your last year in your hometown before you move away for college and your last year to enjoy your friends being all together, but here’s what no one tells you…

1)  You Realize Who Your Real Friends Are

You’ve known the same people for the past four years and called a lot of them your “best friends” but really you only have one or two. As senior year takes off many of your friends will stop spending time with you, will hangout a lot with other people, they won’t come running to you to tell you their latest drama and you begin to realize who really has your back. I know it’s sad to hear but it was bound to happen and will most likely happen after you all graduate. It’s your last year and everyone wants to savor it with ALL their friends but mainly their closest, best friends. Branch out to other people, enjoy those people who you used to talk to freshman year or make new friends.

2) It’s A Stressful Year

Don’t worry! If your school offer IE2 which allows you to leave school early then this makes senior year less stressful but believe me there will be times when you will cry yourself to sleep and want to dropout. This year is full of deadlines. College application deadlines and scholarship deadlines. You have to get letters of recommendation way in advance and on top of that you also have academic deadlines. A 5 page essay is due in one week along with 10 chapters of book and maybe that same week you also have 3 majortests to study for. Just make sure to plan a week in advance for things and keep your stuff organized. ORGANIZED! This is the key to less stress along with time management. If you’ve got those two things down you will be good to go and sleep like a baby every night.

3) Actually You Will Probably Not Know What Sleep Is

I’m sorry what’s sleep again? Is that where you lay on a comfy mattress bundled up in covers and get to close your eyes for hours? Yeah sorry to break this to you, but get ready for 4 am meltdowns because you’re staying up finishing your essay which is due the next morning and you decided to procrastinate. You will stay up long into the night finishing many assignments because teachers are just piling work on top of work on top of even more work, or maybe if you’re anything like me you just waited to do everything last minute. Please don’t do this, you will want to kill yourself.

4) Senioritis Is Real

And it actually starts in mid-September. You’ll be on your way to school and realize that today is a pointless day because you’re not going to be doing anything in any of your classes. Maybe it’s a testing day for sophomores where they have to take the PSAT and you will change your route from going to school to getting breakfast at waffle house instead.

5) You Will Be Busy All The Time

You’re senior year is an exiting year to try out everything you didn’t do the past 3 years. You will want to attend every football game and every tailgate. You will want to spend as much time with your friends as you possibly can. There will be LOTS of parties. Trust me. Oh and lets not forget that Junior Senior war week consumes a lot of your time. Bedtime to be exact. And extracurricular activities are important as well if you’re trying to impress colleges.  Oh I almost forgot work. If you are a senior you most likely have a job so there’s another thing that takes up your time. It’s okay jobs pay you, extracurricular activities don’t.

6) What’s Popularity Again?

At this point everyone is used to the same people of all four years so it doesn’t matter who you hangout with or what your “social Status” is. Everyone is nice to everyone and everyone is for the most part, friends with everyone. It’s your last year of high school so you might as well enjoy it with your class since you are all going through the same thing here.

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